Nov 28, 2023Johannes Weyers

Good morning!

We have news – the MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt is here!
Made in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Unique customization: your style, your foiling

With the MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt you don't just get a transport box, but a piece of individuality. Design it according to your ideas with individual foiling - everything made in Berlin and Brandenburg.

For a quieter and smoother transport experience: Evazote insert

Don't want rattling noises? The MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt has an ace up its sleeve – the Evazote insert. It not only dampens noise, but also protects your load with gentle padding.

Just click on it and off you go: easy installation

No time for complicated upgrades? We understand! The MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt comes with everything you need for assembly and easy-peasy instructions. It doesn't get any faster!

Featherweight with power: only 4 kg

With an unbeatable 4 kg weight, the MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt not only makes your cargo bike lighter, but also stronger. Less wear and tear and, on top of that, a longer lifespan for your faithful vehicle.

Green, robust, recyclable: our environment is important to us

We focus on sustainability! The MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt is made from recycled lightweight plastic, which is not only robust but also manufactured using a special, proprietary process. This makes the box not only robust, but also recyclable. No glue (except for foiling) so recycling is possible!

Where is the part? At VELOGUT, and us.

Now you're probably wondering where you can get this gem, right? The MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt is available from VELOGUT, and us. Get your upgrade and bring style and function into your everyday life.

We are really excited to see how you like the MORE CARGOBOX x Bullitt. Feel free to send us feedback or tag us in photos – we look forward to it!

Kind regards & safe travels ahead!

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