All about MORE Cargobike

No. We are not a classic retail store, but we are there when you need advice or a test ride from Riese & Müller Cargobikes. We also have a specialized workshop, a development department and a few desks. We are based in MotionLab.Berlin, a great place for young companies that want to turn ideas into reality. Feel free to come and visit us! Please make an appointment and we will take time for you.

No, we cannot offer that. We would be happy to recommend a workshop nearby.

No, we cannot offer that. We would be happy to recommend a workshop nearby.

Very gladly. Please book an appointment in our workshop.

Questions about the purchase

Absolutely! You can rent the cargo bike you want for several days and the rental fee of up to 7 days will be charged if you purchase it later.

We always have test bikes and exhibition bikes on offer. Please contact us for information.

Yes. Please contact us and we will discuss everything about it.

Yes, Early Rider children's bikes are available upon request.

Questions about service/workshop

We stick to the recommendation from the Riese & Müller operating instructions: The first inspection is due after 400 kilometers or 3 months, then every 2,000 kilometers or once a year.

Yes, we can retrofit a second battery holder on third generation Loads. However, this is not connected to the motor, so the batteries have to be replaced.

Yes, with Loads from model year 2020 onwards, retrofitting is possible without any problems; we also have the parts on site at short notice.

Yes, we have high and low side walls in stock for Loads from model year 2020 and can exchange these on request.

Yes, we can order the battery locks, frame locks and chain locks for you on the bikes. This means that any number of bikes can be secured with just one key.

Yes, we can install GPS trackers or, for example, Airtags, which you can use to track your bike.

Yes, we offer a suspension fork service. Here the fork is completely disassembled and cleaned. If necessary, we also replace wearing parts such as guide bushes or sealing rings.

Yes, we can retrofit tires with studs for off-road use as well as tires with spikes.

Yes, that is possible. Smartphone holders with inductive charging are also possible. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Yes, that is of course possible. We offer our specially developed UTILITY and IDIT boxes and are happy to retrofit these solutions.

Yes, we can foil the side walls with logos, fonts and QR codes according to individual requirements.

A normal Pedelec supports you up to 25kmh, after which the motor supports you less and less when pedaling until it switches off completely at around 27kmh. You can only step faster over it using your own muscle power. If you are interested in a bike with support at speeds of more than 25 kmh, there is the S-Pedelec (HS bike). This supports up to 45 kmh. With relaxed pedaling you can easily drive around 35 km/h. Cycle paths are taboo here, helmets are required, and driving licenses and license plates are required. In our opinion, the S-Pedelec offers great potential for modern mobility, but is still being held back by outdated legislation.

There are baby seat holders for the Loads that we can lend you for up to 1 year. A Maxi-Cosi bowl fits into the holder. Please feel free to contact us, there are solutions for babies and toddlers for almost all models.

In most cases it helps if the belt is cleaned with a little water. If that doesn't help, the belt may need to be tensioned and aligned. You are welcome to book an appointment in our workshop for this.

Yes, you are welcome to rent a bike from us for €25 per day.

We can check your bike and replace any damaged parts. Replacing the front frame is also possible. Book an appointment in our workshop.

All about the UTILITY boxes

For the Riese & Müller Load 75 and the Transporter 85.

Yes, more models are being planned! If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you.

The box is made with a lot of handwork in Berlin and Brandenburg. We have developed a process with which lightweight panels made from recycled plastic can be welded together without adhesive. This makes the box stable and very light. The final assembly of the box is carried out at our partner in Potsdam, a workshop for people with disabilities.

No, we include all the required materials and instructions. And if it doesn't work, we're there. Simply make an appointment in our workshop and we will help you.

We currently only ship the boxes within the EU.

We can do anything! We look forward to hearing from you.

No, these can be removed to save weight. Instead, 2 struts supplied are mounted. Assembly instructions are included.

No, no additional drilling is required. Only the Riese & Müller attachment points are used. Assembly is easy and we provide assembly instructions.

The box is not divided, there is complete freedom for the users.

The front and rear walls can remain installed. To save weight we recommend removing the walls.

All about IDIT

IDIT is the structure exclusively for the Riese & Müller Load 75. The design was developed for the frame construction of the Load 75. A two-part, securely lockable lid, interior lighting and much more make IDIT a real trunk for the Load 75.

You can find more information about IDIT here .

We can do that! Bring us your Load 75 and we'll install IDIT.

No! The elaborate frame construction, the body made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and many other details were developed exclusively for the Riese & Müller Load 75.