Workshop & Service
Our goal is for you to be able to ride your bike safely, reliably and with joy all year round. To achieve this, we have specialized our workshop in Riese & Müller cargo bikes. We have a lot of spare and wear parts for your bike in stock and can usually help within 24 hours. Appointments can be booked conveniently online. Inspections, repairs or other services such as suspension fork service or upgrades are possible without any problems. In order not to restrict your everyday mobility, we are happy to provide replacement bikes. In short - we think we know how important your bike is to you and your family.

Range of services


We recommend one inspection per year or every 2,000 km. We will check your bike completely for € 159. If parts are worn or damaged, we will replace them in consultation with you. We also offer a suspension fork service for € 39, which extends the service life and maintains the suspension effect.


Whether bent spokes, worn brake pads, broken tires or other repairs: we are happy to take care of your bike. We will document the damaged or worn parts and send you all the documents you need to submit to your insurance company.


After a crash or accident, we can inspect your bike and provide you with a cost estimate. From repairing paint damage to replacing complete frame parts, everything is possible with us. After consultation, we can also collect your bike from anywhere in Germany, repair it completely and deliver it back to your home.


For 39€ we will make your bike shine in our bike wash.


We are at your side in the event of theft. Whether you need individual parts or the whole bike - please get in touch if you need support or spare parts.


We offer a wide range of accessories for your Riese & Müller bike. Take a look around our store. You are welcome to book an appointment with us for the installation or assembly of parts.