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New addition to the Cargobike family. CARRIE - The latest cargo bike from Riese & Müller is now available to order from us!


Unsere Manufaktur bietet maßgeschneiderte Aufbaulösungen für Riese & Müller Lastenräder. Funktionalität und Design vereinen sich in unseren individuellen Anfertigungen, perfekt angepasst an individuelle Bedürfnisse.

Five quick answers:

Yes . You can finance your bike in a variety of ways, including through the bank, PayPal or through employee leasing from providers such as JobRad. Deposits are possible, but not mandatory. You can find more information here - you are also welcome to contact us directly.

Absolutely! You can test the cargo bike you want for several days and the rental fee of up to 7 days will be charged if you purchase it later. You can also make an appointment for a short test drive here .

You can test drive all of the current Riese & Müller cargo bikes with us! We also have a specialized workshop. Please make an appointment with us and come visit us! Or without an appointment on Saturdays between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

No, we cannot offer that. We would be happy to recommend a workshop nearby.

Many of our bikes are eligible in various configurations. An application is required for this. We would be happy to help you with this. You can find more information here .