Our boxes

The trunk for your cargo bike

Our maxim for superstructures: get the most out of the cargo bike!

The current generation of cargo bikes are equipped with high-quality components; they offer driving fun, durability and safety. We're concentrating on the loading area, because there's still something going on! Our boxes are the ideal solution for making everyday life flexible.

Sustainable, functional and super light.

The MORECARGOBOX combines functionality with sustainability, consistently supports the circular economy and looks good at the same time. It is made from recycled plastic panels, whose structural chamber design enables an extremely light and robust end product. This reduces wear on components, increases the range, leaves more capacity to carry and increases the agility of the bike. We only use sheet material from a German manufacturer. The material is CNC milled, hot-bent and welded by hand using an extruder. This makes the box very robust and remains recyclable because no adhesives are used. All of these specially developed and protected production steps take place in our workshops in Berlin.

the essentials in brief

- robust & light
- easy construction
- different versions
- made in Berlin & Brandenburg
- individual foiling possible
- Insert mat made of Evazote: Noise-insulating and gentle on the goods being transported
- the box is very easy to clean from the inside and is resistant to many cleaning agents

--> Available for various cargo bike models such as Riese & Müller Load 75 or Larry vs. Harry Bullitt.

Vorteile der Leichtbauweise

⚙️ Erhöhte Laufleistung

✔️ Das Bike wird geschont - reduzierter Verschleiß

🔋 Maximale Reichweite

📦 Höhere Zuladungskapazität

The box can easily be retrofitted.

The children have grown out of it and are riding their own bikes? Then let your cargo bike grow with you!

The MORE CARGOBOX can be retrofitted in just a few simple steps and the cargo bike is ready for new adventures. Of course we supply everything you need!


For the Riese & Müller Load 75 / Transporter 85 & Bullitt / Bullitt X
Maximum design for the Riese & Müller Load 75
We are open and curious for new ideas - please get in touch.

IDIT: Der Design-Aufbau für das Load 75

IDIT is our high-quality design structure for the Load 75 from Riese & Müller.


IDIT is comparable to a trunk in a car and is made for a demanding target group and the secondary market. The structure is built by hand by our team at Motion.Lab Berlin on the Riese & Müller Load 75.

About IDIT

Its two-part cover , the additional frame construction, the interior lighting and much more give the bike a new dimension.
The body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. There is an inlay made of high-quality material in the interior that is replaceable and waterproof. The IDIT floor is lined with a mat made of EVAZOTE material, which protects the goods being transported and has a noise-insulating effect. A Fidlock holder is integrated into the back wall so that all appropriate accessories can be attached.

IDIT Weight: 15.5 kg, loading volume: 180 l

WOW: von innen und außen

Der Body besteht aus glasfaserverstärktem Kunststoff. Im Innenraum ist ein Inlay aus hochwertigem Material eingelassen, das tauschbar und wasserfest ist. Der Boden von IDIT ist mit einer Matte aus EVAZOTE Material ausgelegt, die das Transportgut schützt und geräuschdämmende Wirkung hat. An der Rückwand ist eine Halterung von Fidlock integriert, so dass alle entsprechend passenden Zubehörartikel angebracht werden können.

IDIT Gewicht: 15,5 kg, Ladevolumen: 180 l

Questions about IDIT? Feel free to write to us: